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Readers share their opinions about Islam class

When I wrote about the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections’ class on Islam last week, I expected to get a few comments.

And I did. Readers sent me quite a few emails about Paul Stamoulis and his desire to teach voters about Islam.

I thought I would share some of them with you today:

Barbara Jerszyk wrote: “So now I know that I am not the only one disappointed in an elected official. He implied that Muslims could ignore the Constitution in favor of Sharia Law. Do you think that W(Horrors)... Christians would violate the Constitution of the U.S.? What’s next for Stamoulis? Ramifications of Roe vs Wade? Maybe how same sex marriage harms heterosexual marriage. Experts and knowledge are overrated.”

Richard Jones wrote: “I see no problem at all with Stamoulis presenting his class on politics and government. It’s a history course on how democracy and representative government developed. The course also deals with some current local, state and national issues. And yes, he touches on the spread of Christianity and Islam.

“I liken it to a course in World History I took as a sophomore in high school 65 years ago. The teacher in that class was, by the way, neither a trained historian nor a trained theologian.”

Alma F. Harris weighed in: “Our forefathers thought long and hard and there was a reason they determined church and state must be separate. I saw a clip on the evening news on the day this talk occurred and could not believe what I was hearing. Mr. Stamoulis’ actions, as Supervisor of Elections, were completely inappropriate by giving a talk on Muslims and Islam. He is not an educator and as far as I could find out has not


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